The Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To Work

When it comes to K9 Natural, we wouldn’t be able to provide the Best in Nutrition without one integral part of our team: our office dogs. Whether you’ve hit an afternoon lull or just need a quick play break, there is no better morale booster than our four-legged employees who never fail to ‘work like a dog’ in every situation.

So, let’s meet the team!

One of our fulltime office companions is Millie the Black Labrador. You’ll often find her drooling over a chew toy – or anything that looks the slightest bit tempting. When not sniffing out any tasty treat in the vicinity, she is usually showing off her big puppy dog eyes to get as many back scratches as possible.

Just across the office is one of Millie’s best friends Cookie, a one-year-old Golden Border Collie. The show-off of the group, Cookie can do almost any trick under the sun and is often seen chomping down on a bone that is almost as big as her.

Sadly, one member of their group has headed off on leave to welcome another member to his family, Archie the Border Collie. A sucker for butt scratches and any form of cuddles, Archie is always smiling and often the first to greet you in the morning.

Across the desk are the most stylish sisters in the office Jordy the Cavoodle and Elsa the Goldendoodle. Decked out in matching collars, leashes and treat bags, walking in to work every morning is a humbling experience when you are competing with these fashionistas. Behind their glamourous facades are two loving sisters that have shown everyone what it means to work together and always have each other’s back.

One of the key members of our customer service team is Alby, the Jack Russell x Pomeranian. Alby is always alert and ready to give the delivery workers a good talking-to, making sure they handle everything leaving the office with care and efficiency.

Across the office from Alby is Max the Huntaway x, the sweetheart of the office. Although he’s an old soul, Max loves to show the office what he’s got by singing on demand, hugging, and nailing a game of fetch (even if his hips tell him otherwise).

The cutest troublemaker you will ever meet, Scout the labradoodle, making his presence known in the office in every way he can. Hit an afternoon slump? Scout is at your service, giving the office a much-needed adrenaline kick every time he gets a little bit lonely and wants to say a quick hello to the entire office.

When it comes to a good jump scare, no one does it better than Lucy the Lakeland Terrier. Turning her attention to the other office dogs rather than their owners, Lucy loves giving her desk mate Alby a good fright whenever he is unprepared.

One of our most recognisable dogs is Eddie the Huntaway x Beardie. Featured across multiple campaigns on our site, he is the unofficial face of K9 Natural online. However, unlike other models, the fame hasn’t gone to his head, and he mainly wants to relax on his bed and have a little ‘me time’.

Finally, we have our two newest members of the K9 Natural team, Frankie the Cavoodle and Willa a Bull Breed mix. Both still finding their footing in the office, it is adorable watching them grow into their boisterous personalities and slowly giving the bigger dogs a run for their money when it comes to lunch time play fights.

So, why not give it a go?

It’s becoming more and more popular to have dogs at work, with employers seeing the benefits for team culture. And as well as reducing employee stress, office time gives pups a great chance to socialise.

If you’re thinking about bringing yours in to be a part-time colleague, here’s a few tips to make the adjustment easy.

  • Have a crate/bed or safe space for your dog to sleep.
  • A fresh bowl of water and tasty treats for the day.
  • A toy to keep them just as busy as their human.
  • Don’t give in to the whining on their first few days in the new environment. They’ll soon learn that work time isn’t play time!
  • Just like kids and school visits, start by easing in a few hours at a time to introduce them to the new environment.
  • Make sure you take them out for regular fresh air and toilet breaks.
  • Introduce them to the other office dogs slowly so they don’t get overwhelmed. And as long as they behave, it’s okay if they’re not best friends with every dog (our office dogs definitely have their cliques)!
  • Keep them on a lead when walking them in or out of the office, so you don’t go distracting your colleagues too much or disrupt other dogs.
  • Take them for a walk at lunch time, great for your dog and great for YOU.

Having dogs at work is a privilege and we know that for a lot of workplaces, it’s just not practical. We’re lucky to work in a place where the pooches in our lives can be our colleagues too. And we reckon we do our best work when the dogs are around! Although it’s not always perfect (afternoon zoomies around the office, unexpected barking that gives you the fright of your life, sloppy kisses, the occasional accident…) we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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