Pet Milk Sediment - FAQs

While many of us may have grown up feeding our pets milk, we now know that standard cow's milk is generally difficult for pets to digest. This is because dogs and cats do not make the lactase enzyme, which means they are unable to break down the naturally occurring milk sugar lactose in cows milk, leading to upset stomachs.

Made from New Zealand free range, grass-fed cow's milk, K9 Natural and Feline Natural specifically formulated Milk for Dogs and Milk for Cats is different – we remove the lactose to create an easily digestible and delicious hydration supplement that's an excellent calcium boost to your pet's feeding regime.

Our milk is an excellent calcium boost, helping build strong bones & teeth and assisting heart muscle & nervous system function. Our milk also contains additional vitamins and minerals, including taurine to aid heart health, eye health and immune system function, Flaxseed Oil & Omega 3 to help with a shiny, itch-free coat and aids a healthy immune system.

And if you’re worried your four legged friend isn’t getting enough hydration, our highly palatable milks are the perfect supplement to encourage poor drinkers to meet their daily hydration needs.

Our Milks are now an established part of many pet's diets, so we thought we’d address some commonly asked questions from our customers.

Why can I see white sediment in my milk and should I be worried?

Rest assured, this is normal. The white sediment is precipitation caused by the fat separating from the milk and solidifying.

This usually happens if the milk undergoes fluctuations in temperature (such as being chilled then letting it return to room temperature, and chilling again). If this happens, these fat globules will move out of solution, and rise to the top of the bottle – this is what we call fat rise.

As long as the milk is stored within the correct temperature range, these small fat globules should stay distributed throughout the milk.

Our pet milk should ideally be stored between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius or 59 and 77 Fahrenheit up until it is opened, after which it should be refrigerated and used within 5 days. Always remember to return it straight to the fridge after each use.

However, if you do notice a few globules, it's good to know that this does not affect the nutritional quality of the milk. You may also notice fat rising to the top of the bottle (similar to cream), this is because of the naturally occurring fat present. All you need to do is give the bottle a good shake before opening to help mix any cream back into the milk. If there is still cream up around the lid once opened, close the bottle back up and shake again!

Why is my milk slightly yellow or darker than normal?

Something else our customers have noticed is that the globules can take on a yellow-ish colour. This is because our Feline Natural and K9 Natural Milk comes from free-range New Zealand cattle, and this milk is pretty unique. Because our cows are grass fed, our milk has naturally higher levels of Beta-Carotene, a fat soluble pre-vitamin. This is what gives the fat a yellow colour, which is natural and healthy!

If you your milk has been stored at higher than 25 degrees Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit, you may notice the milk turn a darker colour. This is because when we remove the lactose, it speeds up a process called Maillard Browning. This is a natural reaction in all milk products, and is found in our milk when it has been stored incorrectly. It’s good to know however, that even if your milk has darkened, it’s perfectly safe for your pet to drink and still provides all the nutritional benefits.

Why does milk smell ‘earthy’?

The flaxseed oil added to our milk can sometimes have an earthy smell, which can seem unusual in milk. But rest assured this does not affect the quality of the product.

How do I know if my milk has spoilt?

When your milk has spoilt, you'll notice that the bottle will be swollen and will let off a gas when opened. In this case, dispose of the milk and start with a fresh bottle.

K9 Natural Milk for Dogs and Feline Natural Milk for Cats is the perfect way to keep your pets hydrated, or, for a nutritious treat try mixing with our K9 Natural Freeze-Dried feasts, or frozen in the freezer for a tasty ice block!

Have you got more questions about our Feline Natural and K9 Natural Milk? Visit our FAQs page here.

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